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Perseverance Consulting Services, LLC is a digital marketing and website development company. Our focus is on helping businesses strengthen their web presence and improve public awareness of products and services offered through effective digital campaign management.
Our marketing team will work with your team to develop a strategy that increases site traffic and boosts site conversion.
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How does Digital Marketing work?
We use a proprietary combination of targeted promotional ads and compelling sales content to put your business in front of likely buyers, on their terms, across the web.


Why Digital Marketing?

You already know the old school marketing tactics aren’t working. In fact, you’ve probably been caught on the wrong side of an irritating sales call a few times this week already. What you want is a powerful online presence where you can aggressively market and grow your business. But all this digital marketing stuff feels like being caught in a spider’s web full of monsters like SEO, content marketing, and social media. Fear not, we’re here to help!

We connect buyers with sellers at the exact moment a prospect is interested in learning more about your service. An approach that doesn’t involve hunting down new customers; instead they’ll come to you by giving them something that captures their interest! Potential customers search the web trying to solve a problem and they love finding resources that will help them. Our job is to create and deliver a compelling and attractive offer that positions your company as the expert and best resource to solve this problem.


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2 Reviews
Steven Dodder Steven Dodder
Denver, Colorado
Patrick to exhibits the highest levels of professionalism!

Over the past decade I've had the privilege of working with Patrick Malak in several capacities. I initially met Patrick as a fellow Regional Sales Director during our joint tenure with Assurant Health Insurance, Milwaukee, WI. Throughout those years I was able to watch and interact with him several times a year during company meetings, conference calls and webinar without the influence of my being in any kind of a supervisory role. At all times I observed Patrick to exhibit the highest levels of professionalism; including product and regulatory knowledge, overall industry education, good ethics and smart business practices. In addition to the above thoughts Patrick is tenacious when it comes to his work ethic, his attention to detail and note taking and to completing the task at hand. I am pleased to recommend Patrick regardless of whether you are considering working with him as a client or in some other type of business relationship.

February 2017

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Brian Beall Brian Beall
Bloomington, Indiana
A consummate professional!

Patrick Malak is a consummate professional with an impeccable work ethic while demonstrating the highest level of professionalism. He has an extremely high level of knowledge and understanding of the real world application of the products and services he offers. Patrick is a problem solver who effectively uses a consultative approach to resolve problems for his clients while generating straightforward and practical results. I know him to be an honest and friendly person who cares deeply about the individuals he serves in his business and have never seen him encounter a challenge he didn’t overcome. I’ve worked with Patrick for many years and find him to be a dedicated and resourceful colleague. His technical skills are a great asset, and his ability to lead while coaching sets Patrick apart as a valuable resource. He’s energetic and driven to exceed the customer’s needs, while maintaining a disciplined yet approachable manner to his work. These skills, along with his passion for problem solving, make Patrick an excellent asset to any project.

February 2017

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