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Simply put, our focus is you! The most common thing we say in our industry is "I wish you could have come to us earlier." Mistakes are costly and timely to correct, especially when you're a small business. Our mission at Glave Business Solutions is to provide the highest quality professional services with a strong focus on the needs of our clients. We want to relieve the headaches caused by issues such as document drafting, bookkeeping, and tax filings so you can focus on your own business goals. Talking to the people in charge of handling your money and legal matters should not be a stuffy or uncomfortable experience. We know you’re busy, so if you can’t make it to our office we will meet you. Whether you want to meet at your place of business or at one of your favorite meeting spaces in the Grand Rapids community, our professional ease will make any place your place of business. Our first 30-minute consultation is always free. Please call 616-426-9TAX (9829) to setup an appointment  

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528 Butterworth St. SW
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504
United States

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Monday-Friday: 10:00am - 6:00pm (EST) Additional times available by appointment only.


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