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Video Connects


We connect your business with new customers through video. Packages start at just $995 -- Includes an interview at your location!

At Buy Local Michigan we know there is a story within every business, service agency, organization, non-profit and through video we tell your story. The power of video connects in so many ways: Company Image, Branding, Testimonials, Video Profiles, Instructional, Demonstrations, Blogs, TV Commercials and Review Videos.


Buy Local Michigan

By connecting your business through video you highlight your products, services and the people that engage with the viewer.

Why, because video provides the opportunity to interact with customers by allowing them to get to know you, your business, and to feel comfortable with you. Buy Local Michigan Business Spotlight videos are one way to connect with your audience by highlighting who you are and what you do. Contact Duane at 231-250-9624.

Here are some tips we follow when producing a video:

  • Keep it short from 30-90 seconds.  Attention spans today are limited. There are exceptions, however, in general the shorter the better.
  • Multiple Videos! Have a lot to say, it is better to have a series of short videos than one long one.
  • Base Videos on a keyword or keyword phrase.  What will people use to search your products and services?
  • Keep your message personal.  A message can be from you or one of your employees, or it can be a testimonial or recommendation from one of your customers.
  • Call to action.  What do you want the viewer to do after watching your video?  Provide a coupon, special offer, free report, something to engage with the prospect.
  • Do not forget your contact information: phone number, web address, social media links and even a map if you choose.
  • Distribute your videos.  Promote your video through an online ad campaign, e-mail, social media, YouTube and even your own website.
  • Share with a Comment.  In general ask associates when sharing your video to please add a personal comment to their share.  This engages others on the why the video was shared and why they should open it.



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Duane is extremely talented and an absolute joy to work with!

June 2017

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